Faith is a notion, that when is strong enough, the one that believes, doesn't have to prove anything to anyone.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Tesla Coil

The Coil

The primary circuit consists of two 15kv 60ma neon sign transformers, in parallel configuration. The output has an overvoltage and RF filter leading into two wire wound chokes. It then goes into the tank circuit which is the primary taped at turn 10 in series with a .03uf 35kv capacitor. A rotory spark gap fires the capacitor. The secondary coil is wound on a 6" pvc form for 30" and operates at 176khz and is grounded to earth ground via the white wire that is seen leading away. The two neon sign transformers are wired into the ac circuit via a relay on the stand and through a control box in such a way that the circuit cannot fire unless the rotory spark gap is running. This way the high voltage circuit is neutral and cannot be turned on accidently. To date, I have only gotten about 30" arcs. I haven't had the time to fine tune the circuit yet, which should be producing 45-60" arcs. The top load is a 4" x 18" toroid. Currently it is being rebuilt with a full-wave bridge rectifier. 3-15-13

Time Lapsed Photo

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sunday, April 1, 2007

What are Orbs?

Some of the earliest spirit photos taken were by a man named William Mumler. His photos showed so-called ghosts a number of times, but were eventually found out to be faking them. He was discovered when several of his “Ghosts” were spotted working. This is one of many examples over time that has made it harder for legitimate people to attempt to prove what they have seen or taken pictures of. Pictures have been faked from having people dressed up to double exposures. Orbs have been photographed from dust particles to raindrops. So-called swamp gas to artificially created phenomena by electricity.

Orbs are one area that I have become interested in since the first photo I took, and discovered that I had taken a picture of something that was a real phenomenon. See the blog “What changed my perception of Reality”. As I stated in that posting, I kept having strange occurrences during my shift. I could explain most of them off as working late and being on a shift by myself, to the noise of sterilizers operating. The things that appeared to fall off the shelf, I would suspect that they were not properly stacked in the first place. Things that were in plastic bags simply slid off from each other. There were other items that would fall off the shelves that had no apparent excuse for falling. Oh well, just my imagination. That all changed when I discussed with a friend of mine these instances. We talked about it and I decided to bring a camera and take some pictures. He showed me some photos that he had taken, but again, I could come up with any number of ways to explain the light in them. Lens flare, dust, reflection, you name it, he was being weird and I knew it. These couldn’t possibly be real. In the back of my mind, I wanted them to be real, but I kept telling myself there was an explanation for these. That was soon dispelled however, when I snapped my first picture. I will say that I was never able to capture anything else on camera in that room, but the strange madness kept going on. When I looked in the LCD window, I could see what appeared to be a large lens flare. So I thought, OK, that was a flare; I bet I can do it again. Notta. So then I figured it must be a dust particle on the lens. Notta. I put DUST on the lens, pointed at different angles at the light, Nope. Well maybe some type of moisture droplet on the lens. Water didn’t work. By this time I had used both of my breaks and lunch with no success of repeating what I had captured.

When I got home in the morning, I went straight for the computer to look at all of the photos that I had snapped. There were probably, 150 – 200 that night. There was nothing in any of them except for the very first one. Ok, just for the heck of it, lets crop and enlarge it. Hum, that’s interesting. There appears to be a little pattern in it. Interesting. I wonder if I can enlarge it any more. Nope, now it’s all blocked like a mosaic. I wonder if I increase the pixels per inch… what… no, it can’t be. Got to change the brightness and contrast. There’s a face in there. There’s another. Now wait a minute. I was the only one there. There has to be an explanation. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that day. I had to look around from where I was and see if there was any reflection of anything, maybe a calendar on a wall facing from somewhere. A poster maybe. Something there had to explain what I had in this camera.

The next night, I went all over looking for anything, which could remotely explain this. Nothing. The more that I examined the photo, the more I was able to pick out in it. I was starting to believe in the supernatural. I spent dauntless hours examining that picture, and even today, it is my best picture that I have taken. I have taken a whole new attitude toward this subject, and it will never change. I don’t expect everyone to see what I have seen in the picture. I understand how the mind will try to create sense out of chaos. Looking at a bunch of random dots and colors will eventually show something that the mind can make artificial sense of. I would want anyone to be skeptical of these photos, and use their own judgment as I did at first. After all, you create your own reality out of the every day chaos, and you have to live in it.

I recently talked to a co-worker, that was working on the graveyard shift, a relatively new employee. He was standing at an assembly table, with a fellow co-worker off to the side of him. There was a sink on the opposite side of the table. Suddenly, the water came on full blast, splashing water all over. He said that he looked at his co-worker and asked him if he was playing some type of joke. The co-worker said “NO!”. They went over and examined the sink and shut the handle off, no strings attached. ???? Again, being skeptical, could it have been some fluke with water pressure? The mystery goes on.

There are a number of ways to create fake orbs, and I have tried and had some success, still trying to convince myself that there could be another explanation. Go into a dark or semi dark room and flip a carpet in the air or kick up some dust. While the dust is still in the air, take a photo with the flash. Wha-la. Instant orbs. The same thing can be done on a dark night with a light rain. As the flash reflects off the droplets, you get instant orbs. There have been plasma balls created using high voltage devices such as a Tesla coil. I have created voltages up to 500,000 volts and played with several different types of phenomenon. I wasn’t able to create orbs with this, but had a lot of fun when people are watching and the arc jumps to one hand and exits from the other. Not something I would recommend doing if you don’t know what you are doing.

What it comes down to, is not all orbs are real. Not all orbs are fake. So what is a real orb? Good question. I believe that the genuine orbs are some type of energy casing. Some how energy is retained in the same shape as a water droplet or a soap bubble where there is an equal amount of force either pushing out or pushing inward. Since we don’t know the true nature of these orbs, all we can do is theorize what they are composed of. Obviously, some of them contain some type of energy that retains some type of record or consciousness to form the images inside. What could possibly cause the energy to retain its shape and not dissipate into the ether. The ones that don’t appear to have the images, are they not advanced enough or are they losing their composure? One question would be, if each of these orbs are the spirit of a former living being, why aren’t there more seen from all of the beings that have passed away? Could some of them been reincarnated? This would explain the lack of the orbs. Or are they the ones that simply haven’t moved on to the other side and are trapped here or are afraid to move on.

Another theory that has been put forward, is that the pictures taken are a projection of the mind of the person that is taking the picture onto the camera. Whether this is true or not then there is one of two things that need to be investigated more. Either the orb or the possibility of the mind to perform a paranormal function. This theory doesn't make sense.

I have taken a number of pictures including some video, with nothing that appears other than a white ball. I have taken a few however that appear to lend something other than simple randomness. Only you can decide for yourself whether what you are seeing is real or not. If you want to take some legitimate photos, all you need is a good digital camera. Many orbs have been photographed with a film camera, but you can’t get the necessary detail for enhancement with the film. Also, many pictures can be taken and nothing will appear. That's a lot money spent getting film developed. The digital will let you directly take the photo and enhance it without scanning a picture. Most scanners just can’t capture the needed quality. To do some EVP “Electronic Voice Phenomena”, you need a good recorder. Tape recorders work fine, but every time you make a recording, that is the end of use of that tape. You can’t guarantee that some residual part of a previous recording won’t be left when you record over it. It will leave you with a false positive. Most investigators now use a digital recorder. They give high-end results, and when you delete the old recording, it’s gone. To take video, that’s a little harder and more expensive. You pretty much need a video camera that can record from very low light to no light using night vision technology. I would recommend to anyone, if you are interested in this, try it for yourself. A word of warning however. Even though I have never had a negative experience, it doesn't mean that it can't happen. Be sure it is what you want to do and don't put yourself in a position that could be detrimental.

As for the skeptics and debunkers, there will always be both. I am convinced of what is out there but am still a skeptic. There are three basic types of debunkers. 1- The one that for religious reasons will always believe the pictures are not real. 2- The one that has never had an experience to believe. 3- The one that will try to convince you that it is not real for their own agenda.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Club

Updated 4-7-07. The following couple of pictures, were taken in a club building where Karate classes are held. These orbs are present quite often and the friend of mine that is the instructor there, has taken a number of photos and seen them also. I have done some evp recordings here, but with limited success. I have also taken some video, but the video is of poor quality. I will put up a short video clip soon. I haven't personal had anything happen to me hear, but I know of some that wish to remain anonomous, that have had experiences here. One of the restroom stall doors was locked shut. When they went to go under the door to unlock it, the lock opened on its own. ???


This picture shows a very bright orb moving around. All of the lights were off at the time of this except for some lights at the far right wall which are not visible. This picture has had the brightness turned up.

A larger version of the original photo above is at:
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Here shows orbs all over. We have taken a number of pictures like this in there.

A larger version of the original photo above is at:
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This was taken by a friend of mine. The camera would not focus on the subject in this picture. We tried several photos, but it kept focusing on the orbs.

A larger version of the original photo above is at:
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This was taken by the same friend. The bright orb is in the upper left corner.

A larger version of the original photo above is at:
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Saturday, March 24, 2007


This was taken in the same conference room. Right at the top in the center is the object. The picture is slightly out of focus and not much else to say. I call it Metamorphosis because the enlargement appears to be separating into two orbs.

A larger version of the original photo below is at:
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The Conference Room

2nd picture updated 3-27-07
4th picture updated 4-8-07
Here is one that gave me the idea for the title of my blogspot. This was taken in a conference room where I work one morning. I had attended a conference one day, and during the conference I kept noticing what appeared to be a light that kept appearing on the projection screen. I don't know if I was the only one that saw it, but nobody else appeared to notice it. The projection screen is double width, but only half of it was being used. The light kept appearing on the other half. At first I thought it had something to do with the projection system. The next day I brought my camera in when no one was in the room and took a number of photos. I captured several different objects, but this one stood out.

A larger version of the original photo below is at:
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Again, I am not trying to convince anyone, I am offering you what I have found. You decide for yourself, if you believe it is real or not. I was there, so I know what the truth is, and there is no way that I can prove these other than showing you the photos that I have taken.
  This is the cropped and enhanced image. There is a lot of pixilation.

Watching you. Notice just right of center, what appears to be an eye. Under that is the side of a nose and cheek area. Again, there is a lot of pixilation that can't be helped with extreme enlargement.


The House by the Cemetary

2nd and 3rd picture updated 3-27-07
This photo was taken in a bedroom of a house that was across the street from an old cemetary, that is not very well taken care of anymore. The history of the house as far as I know is as follows. It was put up for sale, because the elderly oriental lady that lived there had passed away. She had passed away about a week prior to this photo. The house is directly across the street from what appears to be an abandoned cemetary. I'm sure it isn't because it is in the city limits, but it is not well kept up. I took a number of photos in this house when my sister-in-law said she was looking at it to buy and told me about the history, but this is the only one that captured anything. The object is in the upper right corner. Again, this is not a lens flare. The light coming through the blinds is not from a sunny day. The weather was overcast. If you enlarge the object, it appears to have three dimensional depth to it. Upon further enlargement and enhancment, there appears to be a face in the center of it. The face does not appear happy.

A larger version of the original photo below is at:
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Again, I am not trying to convince anyone, I am offering you what I have found. You decide for yourself, if you believe it is real or not. I was there, so I know what the truth is, and there is no way that I can prove these other than showing you the photos that I have taken.


This is the cropped image.

This is the extreme closeup of the face.

Friday, March 16, 2007

What Changed My Perception of Reality

Updated 4-7-07. This photo was taken in the early morning hours while at work. What led up to this photo, I had on several occasions strange things happen that shouldn't happen. There would be supplies on the shelves as you can see in the photo, that would "fall" off the shelf onto the floor. The supplies in question should not be able to just fall of the shelf because of their shape (IE. a flat box on a flat shelf). Something round or in a plastic bag, I could pass off as simply sliding off. These items would never fall off in front of me but always when I had gone around the corner or while I was away. On several occasions, I would hear footsteps going down an isle, but when I would go look, no one there. All doors into this room are kept locked, and I was the only one on duty during these hours. On a number of occasions I would feel like someone was watching me, but never anyone there. On occasion I would get a glimpse of something moving around the corner, but again, no one there. Upon discussing this with a co-worker, he said that he knew about these things happening and just didn't say anything so no one would get weird about it. He suggested that I bring a camera and take some pictures. He told me about a radio talk show that discussed things like this and I should listen to it. Nothing ever attempted to harm me or any of my co-workers. Only little prank type things happened. One co-worker said that one time, she looked through the racks to where a stool was in front of a computer and saw what looked like someone looking back at her. When she went around the corner to see who was in there with her, they were gone. I will admit that I was fixated when I discovered what I had. I spent more time trying to enhance it than what I spent at work. It became an obsession. Now I know that it was an unhealthy obsession and I have come to appreciate what happened to me. I no longer work in this department, but not for reasons concerning this. It was time to move up to a better position. The object appears to three dimensional depth to it.

A larger version of the original photo below is at:
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At the corner of the second fluorescent light on the left you will see a white object. At first I thought this was a lens flare. That was until I decided to enlarge it and enhance it. Don't just think it is a flare. If you want, go to the link above and get the larger picture. Crop the image and enhance it however you want. I have several images cropped from the object, which I will share with you, but before I do that, I would like you to examine it first. I would like your opinions before I share what I found in it. I don't want to call this an Orb, but I don't know what exactly to call it. I tend to lean toward some type of portal into another dimension. What is your opinion?

The following are some images that I have been able to pull from the photo. The size is reduced for better clarity from my original croppings.

This is the orb enlarged.
A larger version of the original photo above is at:
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This has some of the images enhanced.

This is the same as the previous but with the images pulled out.
A larger version of the original photo above is at:
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Here is my friend. I don't know what to make of this, other than it doesn't appear human.

This looks like some type of skull, but again not human.

Here is what appears as some type of machinery.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Some of my favorite quotes.

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed. "
Albert Einstein

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."
Albert Einstein

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."
Carl Sagan

We all can make a difference everyday, but knowing when to make the difference and not looking for recognition is the difference in our hearts and not in our minds.

Faith is a notion, that when is strong enough, the one that believes, does not have to prove anything to anyone.

As I was standing at the door, I heard a knock. When I opened the door, I saw myself knocking from the inside. When I asked how could I help myself, I answered: I want to come out. I want to see the things that I have never seen. I want to know the things that I have never known. And when I finished, I replied: Always try to give the benefit of the doubt, Always try to be courteous and care about others, And most of all, always stand tall and be proud of what you are. When you do this, then you will know, Everything that you want, is more than you need. And all you need, will be revealed within me.

The worst day of your life can represent the greatest opportunities to someone that is having a worse day than you. It’s just hard to realize sometimes, that out of 6.5 billion people on this planet, someone else is probably having a worse day than you, and would rather be in your shoes.